Best Beginner Aromatherapy Book

Best Beginner Aromatherapy Book

December received Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Healing: 120 Remedies to Restore Mind, Body, and Spirit by Amber Robinson for review and we are so thrilled with this book. It is THE Best Beginner Aromatherapy Book out there! Below is December’s thoughts and review.

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Funny Story: I Know Her!

To explain a little, I receive books for free to review in a few different ways. Lately I’ve been mostly reviewing books I get from Callisto Publishing Club which sends me a list and I pick from the list what I would like to read and review (this keeps them from sending me stuff I wouldn’t read in the first place and reviewing it badly, makes sense). I skimmed the list and thought an aromatherapy book would be fun – I did not bother looking at the author.

The book came in the mail, I admired it for a bit then read who the author was. Amber Robinson sounded familiar…I read the bio and laughed out loud. I Know Her!

Amber Robinson is the teacher and founder of The Bitter Herb Academy – where I got my Herbalist Certification! Haha! What a small world it is. Synchronicities abound.

I immediately took a picture and shared it in the student group along with how I’d gotten a copy and how funny that I hadn’t realized it was her book until it arrived. She sent me lots of love in return.

So there’s my funny little disclaimer that I got this book in exchange for review and I’m a little biased in that I know the author and am one of her students so be sure to take my review with a few grains of salt. That being said, I strive to review all the books I receive honestly.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Healing Review

What I Loved

This book is BEAUTIFUL! The photography and lay out is very well done, it made it a joy to just flip through and feel like I was sitting in a brightly lit herb shop. All that was missing was a cup of tea and the aromatherapy – I provided that for myself promptly and highly recommend doing so when you read this book.

I have a background in essential oils as an amateur but I’ve read dozens of books on the topic and most left me feeling like I could have easily gotten all the information in a quick blog post or article. This book was NOT like that. Instead, I felt like I was getting an in-depth intro lesson. Not only was I reminded of things I’d learned in past courses and workshops but I learned new things too – a pleasant surprise when I was only expecting a refresher.

Amber focuses on a basic apothecary of easy to obtain oils. None of the oils on her list are ones I would consider over the top expensive or hard to find. Sure, she could have added lemon balm or jasmine to her must haves list but who has the cash for that when starting out in aromatherapy? I know I didn’t and still don’t really.

I love that Amber makes her own essential oils and recommends the reader try that out as well. It really gives you a better idea of just how much plant material goes into making these tiny bottles of essence. She also suggests using hydrosols which are not only less expensive but wonderful tools for the aromatherapist in their own right.

The recipes! Some of these I had never heard or thought of. I fully intend to turn back to this book over and over and over again to refer to her recipe section. I love it so much. My favorite so far is
Healing from Grief Inhalation Blend is another lovely recipe (though I also recommend trying thyme or lemon thyme along with it).

She also suggests swapping oils in her recipes! A great way to try out different blend additions or substitutes until you find what works for you. For example, I dislike the scent of lemongrass so I love that I can swap it for frankincense in the Winter Lip Protection recipe. On the other hand, My MIL hates patchouli so Amber’s suggestion of replacing it with cedarwood, frankincense, or sandalwood in her Get Rid of Baggage Bath Soak is perfect.

What I Would Have Done Different

It really was hard to pick any one thing I would have suggested or done differently. Amber really knows what she is talking about. I was surprised she didn’t market her courses more but since this is a book I’m sure she wants to remain as timeless as possible, and her courses could shift over the years, that might be the better plan.

I’d have liked her to call her Smoke-Free Smudge Spray something different to avoid connection with appropriation of Smudging such as a spiritual cleansing/consecrating spray.

Further Aromatherapy Learning

Thank you for reading my 120 Remedies to Restore Mind, Body, and Spirit Review. I really do think it is the best beginner aromatherapy book available on the market today. Go Grab Your Copy Now!

Best Beginner Aromatherapy Book

Honestly, this book has reinvigorated my desire to get my certification in aromatherapy. I’m currently reading the NAHA guidelines for that and checking out different schools. Damon is also offering to make me a table-top size still to make my own essential oils – we will be sure to let you know how that goes once he gets started.