A Couple of Heathen Homesteaders

Heathen Homesteaders

Our story isn’t very different than many folks but I, like you, enjoy knowing who is behind the website I’m reading. We are the Bryant family of Horn and Hearth Homestead in Tennessee. Damon, my husband, is the muscle and tech junkie behind this operation. I’m December, the writer and frazzled housewife. Our son, Caleb, makes regular appearances in our videos and blog because family is one of the most important things to us. As the title of our story suggest, we’re just a couple of Heathen homesteaders.

Our desire to start homesteading goes back a decade from this writing. Damon and I were dating/engaged and planning our future together. Thing is, we had no idea how to make what we wanted happen. We were broke, living with family members off and on, and told regularly that it was a pipe dream. Homesteading was what people did who already had land access and money. We routinely had neither.

Still, we hung onto that dream. It was hard. We moved from Tennessee to Kentucky, back to Tennessee, to Alaska, and, again, back to Tennessee. During that time we experienced poverty, health concerns, had a child, gained certifications, and so much more happened to shape us as adults.

Last year, 2020, was a wild ride for everyone on this blue-green planet. The pandemic hit us hard and the political unrest in the United States was…well…I don’t really have words to encapsulate the whole of it. However, even in all that pollution and illness, something good happened. Watch our video for a recap:

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**Spoiler Alert**
We bought a homestead. Our dream is coming true!
Buying a house on almost 3 acres of land in a rural town in middle Tennessee feels like it was a dream. It really happened! Now the work really begins.

Now, you might be wondering, WHY would someone start a website while diving into building a homestead? Isn’t that worrisome? Don’t we have enough to do? Yes, we definitely have a full plate between our Polytheist devotion and spirit work, raising a kid, Damon working full time outside the home, starting up a garden and animal raising homestead, plus just general living and self care. However, we also believe that the completion of joy happens when you share it with another who understands and celebrates what we are doing. We also are sharing what we WISH we had known when we started on this journey, sharing our adventures so that you can learn alongside of us, and celebration in the homestead accomplishments of others.

We want to create a community hub. Pagan Homestead is for all of you – Pagans, Polytheists, Animists, and yea, Heathen Homesteaders – who want to get back to the land and ancestral lifeways BUT feel the burden of isolation. Its hard enough to want to homestead in a post-modern world. Add to that the fact that most homestead resources out there are created by Christians…well it can be very difficult to find support and fellowship in this field despite the fact that homesteading lends itself well to the Pagan ideals of honoring nature and connection with spirits.

Yea, we’re just a couple of Heathen homesteaders in Tennessee. Just like you might be a regular ole homesteader in your town or city, or just dreaming of becoming one. We’re regular folks and that’s what its all about. A village that spans the globe through the internet, creating an understanding and learning together. Welcome home.